Ti Piace, Italian American Presentations, Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to preserving, presenting and promoting Italian American culture through art and culture.

Ti Piace's projects include Labor of Love, The Live Nativity and Concerts of Italian Popular Music.  We explore new works by artists and workshop the artists' projects to communities throughout New York.  Please continue to check our website for exciting news about these events and projects!


On March 12, 2011, one hundred years after the fire, a memorial service in New York city honored all the one hundred and forty six victims, mostly young immigrant Jewish and Italian girls. The Ti Piace Performers took center stage. We shared the platform with the likes of politicians, union workers and celebrities. This is the interview from NBC Evening News which features Tre Bella singing, "Open the Doors" from our show, "Labor of Love, a story with music based on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire".

 Labor of Love is a work in progress and has been performed as a staged reading.  Ti Piace has been instrumental in keeping the memory of these victims alive.  The fire was one of the largest industrial disasters since 9/11 Because of the impact of this tragedy, the face of the work place changed; building codes were established, child labor laws became effective and Worker's Compensation was instituted.  One hundred forty six workers perished and "Labor of Love" honors the victims in a profound way through dance and music, laughter and sorrow.  Told through the eyes of the immigrant workers whose dreams were torched, this show is bound to make it to the New York stages someday soon.  You can read a review of the show in our press kit. 

The Live Nativity is performed at several venues during the Christmas season. It is the reenactment of the birth of Christ.  The Ti Piace singers bring to life this special time in history with music from the season in both English and Italian.  The intermission is filled with holiday music for all audiences to enjoy.  

The Ti Piace Performers give back to under-served Italian American communities!  Here's a clip of our Italian and Italian American Popular Music Concerts!!

Ti Piace offers Workshops such as Performer Workshops: preparing the artist for the stage and creative writing workshops to assist the writer with his/her works of art.

Contact us as joann@tipiaceusa.com    
or call 212-645-1691

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