Labor of Love Workshop 4-8-18

Ti Piace does several workshops per year. Almost all of the workshops are free to the public.  The focus is on Italian American culture and heritage through the arts.  Here is a workshop of Labor of Love, a play with music based on the Triangle Factory Fire of 1911; told through the eyes of Italian Americans.  Most of the actors here are novice performers.  We prepare presenters for the professional stage.  The writers of the "book" worked on developing characters, monologues and dialogue.  

This Is Who We Are

Performing artists who take our work seriously presenting excellent programs to under-served communities around the State of New York.  Public libraries, community centers, Italian Festivals and nursing facilities for the sick and elderly.  Italian American Popular Music Concerts and Labor of Love are current projects. We offer  workshops to the public  for emerging artists.  See a video clip above, led by professional actors & performers!

labor of love, a play with music based on the Triangle Fire

It all started here. "Labor of Love" a play with music about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911.  Told through the eyes of Italian Americans. It began as a one act play and has now blossomed into a staged reading performance with music.  We hope to get it on its feet into a full production.  We have performed this piece all over the State of NY in public libraries, museums and performing art centers!  "The Triangle Workers Live On!"

Labor of Love Theme Song "Open The doors" makes News!!!

One of our songs from "Labor of Love"  made it on NBC News!  It was the Centennial Memorial for the victims and  we represented Ti Piace, Inc.  Watch the video!  It was an incredible day!

Every one loves Italian!

We love bringing under served communities, like libraries, nursing homes, festivals and  community centers in the State of New York some Italian culture, music and art. We need your support to continue our mission!  Thanks and call us anytime to ask about our next event near you!